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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
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Welcome to www.littlesikhs.com.

LittleSikhs.com is an interactive world for children: a place of fun, games, discovery, art, creativity and friendship.

We created littlesikhs.com so that Sikh children could have a place of their own: A place that inspires and motivates them to explore the core values of Sikhi which embody generosity, strength and the teachings of our Gurus. Our goal is to positively promote and carry-on Sikh traditions, culture and religion through creative artwork, engaging educational materials and interactive learning experiences. With this framework, we hope to improve upon traditional methods of educating our youth by offering exposure and engagement with Sikhi that goes beyond Sundays with the capability to blend with a child’s everyday life.

We have published three wonderful books thus far: My Little Book of Mool Mantar, Blessings from Waheguru Ji and Super Singh Super Kaur.

We are also proud to announce that we have created three educational animated videos: “Being Different is Beautiful,” “Who am I? What's on my Head?” and “Colors in Punjabi.”If you have not yet, please log-on to our website at littlesikhs.com and explore our content.


We look forward to the requests and feedback of the community to shape our upcoming projects. We would like to continue creating more games, educational materials and videos this year. Your monetary support will help us produce new wonderful products for our younger generation to enjoy. Please consider supporting the world of LittleSikhs to fulfill its goal of reaching and inspiring Sikh children across the globe by following the Support link below:



Manpreet Singh (President)

You may contract us at:littlesikhs@yahoo.com


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